We are committed to you

“We live in a market with constant
changes in economic structures that we cannot always anticipate.

Our clients benefit from
Arnaut’s commitment to minimize the impact of those changes and take advantage of them for benefit of your company. “


The key to decision making is the analysis of information in real time. For this reason we carry out a monthly, comparative analytical report of your financial situation.

We adapt the financial structure of your company to its objectives and carry out a short and medium term financial plan with viability plans.

We carry out direct negotiation with financial entities.


We offer personalized and committed plans via the continuous analysis of information, permanent and personalized planning of all taxes during the year and their best tax options for Tax Administrations and Provincial Regimes (National Taxes, Income Tax and Intra-Community VAT). Moreover, we offer an analysis of the fiscal reality together with an accounting follow-up of your company.

We are experts in the defense of the taxpayer. We are also specialists in indirect taxation and special taxes such as those that affect wine, cavas and other spirits.


We are experts in the family business – the basis of the economy of a region. In our day-to-day we support numerous companies, many families, to whom we offer advice on establishing the operation of a Family Council. We take care of successions, diagnosis of generational change and preparation of the process, business reorganizations and all kinds of internal problems. In addition to the reduction of costs, bonuses and tax exemptions that entails the Family Business.


We are trusted consultants. We work independently and in a committed way in the preservation, planning, growth and administration of the family assets through the generations. We have many years of experience of global management of family assets.

We start by advising, using an integral analysis of their situation, with the elaboration of strategic patrimonial plan. We aid in investments and acquisitions and we implement more efficient corporate structures.

We insist on the attendance and training of different members of the family.

We are experts in negotiating the best conditions with banks and managers.

We regularly report on all investments, including analysis of returns and risks.


We have a team of professional and independent financial advisors to guide you at each stage of the processes of purchase-sale, mergers and other corporate operations, creating long-term relationships and helping to define, structure and execute the best corporate operations.

Each industry has its peculiarities and having a hand in various sectors, both ordinary operations with cross-border are guarantees of success.

Put yourself in the hands of professionals capable of anticipating the key issues of transactions.

  • Sales and purchase operations
  • Excision of Lines of Business or Assets
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Stock reorganizations
  • Capital search and financing


Having the optimal commercial and fiscal structure for business and personal goods is the first step towards growth and financial stability.

Being well advised in the creation of an optimal structure both commercially and as a tax for business and personal goods is essential when dealing with the company’s financing processes, business succession, shareholding reorganizations, sales, etc.
In turn, we permanently assess the guarantees offered in the processes of obtaining financing is key to consolidate a financial stability of the company without taking unnecessary risks, for which it is necessary to have the appropriate structure.


Developing a regulatory compliance program is imperative. It protects us against the burdensome consequences of non-compliance, improves the reputation of your company and, in many cases, is a requirement and a differentiator for most European countries, especially in those companies that intend to open subsidiaries or branch offices in their territory. 

In Arnaut, we analyze and identify the risks of fiscal regulatory compliance and draw up a Compliance program.

International tax planning

Arnaut’s experience in this field confirms the importance of combining the various tools that the tax laws of different countries offer to investors and entrepreneurs to generate high yields in a global and lasting way. We must also consider minimum tax or tax burden, avoiding the phenomenon of double taxation in many cases and always respecting the OECD criteria of non-aggressive fiscal planning.

Tax planning affects various areas such as international trade, estate planning, creation of business efficiency structures such as holdings, optimization of the tax burden in the country of residence or subsidiary companies or permanent establishments.

The options are almost endless so it is important to know how to handle them and adapt them beneficially and according to the circumstances of each client.