Committed to improving our environment

Corporate social responsibility

At Arnaut & Iberbrokers we work to help companies find their place in society. We know that changes have an impact on people, on the environment and we are committed to improving it.

We strive to value and improve the effects we generate from an economic, social and environmental point of view. This way of acting is part of our strategy and management model. Something that our customers perceive and appreciate and leads us to give the best service for each of them.

Workplace harassment is a scourge for any company, so Arnaut & Iberbrokers have implemented our own protocols in order to nip and eliminate any type of situation in this area.

Our ethical code includes the ethical model of behavior that inspires the actions of each of our professionals, as well as the principles of business ethics of Arnaut & Iberbrokers and their commitment to society.

Estamos comprometidos y colaboramos de forma decidida en prevenir el blanqueo de capitales y la financiación del terrorismo.

For a Good Corporate Governance, it is necessary to adequately deal with the risks to which a company is exposed. For this reason, we at ARNAUT & IBERBROKERS are aware of this and have implemented a plan for the prevention of corporate crimes, thereby complying with article 31 bis of the C.P.

Arnaut & Iberbrokers knows how important it is to foster talent in the new generations, which is why it collaborates in the international AECA scholarship program. These scholarships support the training of young professionals highly qualified in accounting and financial information.

We collaborate in the AECA awards for articles on accounting and business administration. It is an annual call with the aim of promoting the writing and awareness of quality work in the field of accounting and business administration.